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pomin8r :

New pics from 2 up at !
gaberslw : She'll probably join the Guardians of the Galaxy team along with Yondu and Nebula
redvonmunster : that's you?!?
myleshendrik : So awesome!! 💕
big_juicyj : Welcome to the marvel family ^__^
__ripleyaeryn : I already like Mantis!
amofilm : 🙌
likeslikes12343 : Looking beautiful
somethingnowhereman : Ohhh snap!!!
paladin_ma : beautiful :3
dkoverstreet : Aaaah! Can't wait to see on screen!
crisp_ratt : ILYSM
mcu_fans_and_gotg : Can't wait !!!
vanessabeletic : Yeah baby
pomklementiefffan : ❤❤ i Love u pom!!
snedeker622 : This makes me sooooo happy!! Love my pommies !
pvfancy : Whooooooo hooooooooo can't wait
pvfancy : Miss you xo
krishnolan : What are mantis's abilities ?? Like I know she's psychic. But can she shoot telekinetic bolts ?
dam_sm : ❤❤❤❤
popoversali : awesommeeeeee
customebrick : Really excited what her part in the movie will be 👍
skyblueerik : Looking forward to some Mantis!
georgia_loki_avengers : OMG SO EXCITED! ❤ 👽🐛
_triggamatic : ❤️💋
leilastyle : Can't wait to see it Pom💜
tonyprimedc : Damn u look awesome!
andremakeup : So cool! X
prince_maloni : M O G Is real
hilversum1983 : Curious..
royallysocial : So excited for you ! I'll be in the theatre yelling at the screen! 😘
cayuu3 : Beautiful! Brazil already loves you!
ampontour : Pom, how much of your look is CG and how much is costume/prosthetics?
alexkorablef : You so cute 😘
mundt.christian : I want to see you in action
_ana_cf : Shippppp
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